Copy Writing

US Fund for UNICEF
Print advertising campaign for domestic fundraising.

UNICEF Tetanus initiative
Awareness raising brochure on the global impact of Tetanus. (PDF)
Brooklyn Papers
Sample of newspaper articles from this Brooklyn weekly. (PDF)
Financial World
Sample of shorts written for this bi-weekly financial news magazine. (PDF)
Andor Capital Management
Style manual that accompanied logo designs. (PDF)
Desktop Support Connection
A quarterly IT flyer to address common user errors. (PDF)
Edward S. Moore Family Foundation
Philanthropic foundation web site.

Copy Editing

A 12-page quarterly internal corporate communications newsletter. (PDF)
For Your Benefit
A four to six page quarterly corporate HR internal newsletter. (PDF)
Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
Permanent signage for standing exhibition space. (PDF)

Mongrel Creative – Bark is bite.